Zlata Ribica Chinese Restaurant

Offer - specialities

S1. Mongolian meat

(beef, pork, chicken + leek)


Allergens: [6,9]

S2. Seafood on hot plate


Allergens: [2,4,6,9,10]

S3. Mixed meat on hot plate

(3 types of meat, vegetables)


Allergens: [6,9]

S4. 8 treasures hot sauce

(🌶 spicy, 3 types of meat, shrimps, peanuts)


Allergens: [2,5,6,9,11]

S5. Guoba with three kinds of meat

(beef, pork, chicken, vegetables, rice)


Allergens: [6,9]

S6. Duck with 8 treasures hot sauce

(🌶 spicy, duck, 3 types of meat, shrimps, peanuts)


Allergens: [1p,2,5,6,9,11]

S7. Mongolian shrimps with leek


Allergens: [2,6,9]

S8. Ants climbing on the tree

(fried soy noodles, sauce with pork meat)


Allergens: [6,9]

S9. Mongolian roast duck with leek


Allergens: [1p,6,9]

S11. Yuxian pork

(🌶 spicy)


Allergens: [6,9,11]

S12. Dry roasted shrimps

(🌶 spicy)


Allergens: [2,6,9,11]

S15. Shrimps with black pepper


Allergens: [2,6,9]

S16. Crispy beef


Allergens: [1p,3,6]

S17. Mongolian roasted frogs shanks


Allergens: [6,9,10]

S18. Mapo tofu with pork


Allergens: [6,9]

S19. Dragon chicken with chilli

(🌶🌶 spicy)


Allergens: [1p,5,6,9]

N3. Beef with chilli

(🌶🌶🌶 spicy)


Allergens: [6,9]

N4. Calamari with chilli

(🌶🌶🌶 spicy)


Allergens: [6,9,10]

N5. Fried soy noodles with shrimps


Allergens: [2,3,6,9]

N6. Fried soy noodles with meat


Allergens: [3,6,9]

N8. Shrimps with chilli and pepper

(🌶🌶 spicy)


Allergens: [2,5,6,9]

85. Mongolian roast calamari


Allergens: [6,9,10]

Warning: Main courses do not include rice. When ordering a selected dish, you can order rice as side dish for an additional charge of 0,80 €. Allergens: You can see the list of allergens HERE.